Securly Recognized as a Top 40 EdTech Tool for Schools in 2023

An illustration of a teacher and 3 IT devices displaying the Securly logo and the title Edtech Top 40 2023 on their screens

According to the latest EdTech Top 40 list from LearnPlatform by Instructure, Securly is now a top 40 edtech tool used within schools for 2023.

The illuminating LearnPlatform report finds that school districts accessed an average of 2,591 distinct edtech tools over the past year, a 1.7% increase on the prior academic year.

Of the 4.1 million student and teacher interactions with edtech tools collated by the report, Securly now joins the ranks of classroom mainstays such as Quizlet, YouTube, Scholastic and Canva.

EdTech Tools’ Use in Schools Continues to Rise Year on Year

The data used to calculate both the rankings and usage numbers was collected between the beginning of September 2022 and end of May 2023. During this time, Securly released new student wellness solutions to support their Filter and Aware products, including the data-driven student wellbeing tool, Securly Rhithm.

A bar graph that shows the year-on-year rise of Edtech Tool usage within districts across the US, with 2,591 for 2022-2023
The Rapid Expansion of Edtech (LearnPlatform by Instructure)

Far from a standalone edtech tool, Rhithm integrates seamlessly with Securly’s suite of student wellness solutions. This provides school administrators and student services teams with an array of tools that work in harmony to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their student support efforts.

This harmony is a factor that helped Securly rank within the Top 40 EdTech Tool list. According to Karl Rectanus, SVP of K-12 Strategy at Instructure, “Organizations are now expected to proactively provide an ecosystem of interoperable, safe and equitable solutions for students and teachers to personalize learning.” Securly is leading the way with its ecosystem of products that help K12 school districts support their students’ safety and wellness.

As the data surrounding student wellness and mental health continues to present alarming trends for our youth, it is clear just how valuable and necessary the implementation of edtech tools like Securly within schools is becoming with every passing year.

See for yourself why so many schools trust Securly as their edtech tool of choice in 2023

More and more schools are looking to keep their students safe, engaged, and well with their edtech tool of choice.

Dedicated solely to the needs of K12 schools, Securly provides solutions that support the whole student, helping educators to create a climate where students are able to thrive and reach their highest potential.

A smiling female teacher sits with a happy young female student as they work together safely on a school computer

Learn more about how we keep students safe online with Securly Filter.

For insights into choosing a student wellness monitoring solution that provides a complete picture of your students’ safety and wellness, read our student monitoring solutions blog.

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