How to Boost Responsible Tech Use in Your Tween

In last week’s article, we discussed how to properly introduce your child to technology, and touched upon the topic of responsibility. This week we’re expanding on that subject, with a focus on tweens. Children are spending a lot more time online than in years past. A 2015 Common Sense Media study found that tweens use … Continue reading How to Boost Responsible Tech Use in Your Tween

The 10 Types of Cyberbullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and schools across the United States are standing up against bullying, and educating on prevention. But before we work to prevent it, it’s important to understand what cyberbullying is. 10 Types of Cyberbullying 1. Exclusion Exclusion is the act of leaving someone out deliberately. Exclusion exists with in-person bullying … Continue reading The 10 Types of Cyberbullying

Social Media Challenges: What Adults Need To Know

Teens are suffering second-degree burns from purposefully rubbing salt and ice on their skin. Laundry detergent pods are being swallowed resulting in hospitalizations. Recently, a student at a New Jersey High School died after playing something called the Choking Challenge. The recent rise of social media challenges is putting teens at risk of serious physical … Continue reading Social Media Challenges: What Adults Need To Know

Your Digital Citizenship Resource Guide

What is Digital Citizenship? Essentially, it is responsible technology use rooted in community awareness. In order to be practice good digital citizenship, you must consider how your actions online can compromise your safety, and also of those (virtually) around you. In recent years, many school districts have begun implementing digital citizenship education for educators and … Continue reading Your Digital Citizenship Resource Guide