How Atlanta Public Schools are Making a Difference for their Classroom Engagement

An illustration depicting a female Atlanta Public Schools teacher leading a classroom of children of laptop computers

With over 50,000 students across its 100+ schools, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) faced a daunting challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. As with many districts across the US and wider world, the sudden need to embrace 1:1 technology usage saw increased demands on APS’ educators as they scrambled to manage student engagement.

Post-pandemic, a brand-new world of technological reliance within the classroom presented even more challenges – with limited resources, how could APS’ teachers tackle the shift towards in-person digital learning, all while keeping their kids from being distracted in class?

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With a need to improve classroom engagement, remove unnecessary stressors and reduce teacher workload, Atlanta Public Schools turned to Securly to help find a meaningful, easy-to-use and efficient solution that all of their educators could pick up and rely on.

Read on to learn:

  • The challenges that led APS to seek out a classroom management solution
  • The lasting impact and benefits of using Securly Classroom
  • APS’ highlights of partnering with Securly

A need to improve classroom engagement

“Engagement was a big problem…”

With so many students on so many devices, Atlanta Public Schools’ educators found themselves unable to efficiently monitor and focus their students’ learning in a meaningful way.

“Most of our curricula are 100% online,” commented IT Coach, Renee Dawson. “We needed an avenue for us to monitor whether the students were accessing those curriculums and what was going on if not.”

A female high school teacher helps a classroom of students with their IT work as they all sit at individual computers

Once their students were on task, it was also important to APS that they could monitor learning and progress, as well as ensure online safety was part and parcel of the implemented solution.

How Atlanta Public Schools empowered their educators

“I open up Securly, and I’ve got my fingertips on everything.”

The benefits of introducing Securly Classroom were immediate to see, opening up a new layer of data for Atlanta Public Schools’ teachers and parents to utilize. Education Technology Specialist, Krynica Drake, spoke of the added value Classroom immediately provided for APS: “Being able to monitor how students are doing fully from afar supports the teachers in doing what they do best: focusing on delivering meaningful learning.”

As well as monitoring learning progress, Securly Classroom also allows APS’ teachers to:

  • Push relevant class resources straight to student devices
  • Identify and redirect students who are distracted and off-task
  • Share screens, applications, and audio to keep students engaged in their learning

Why Atlanta Public Schools recommend Securly Classroom

“We appreciate Classroom. It really assists us with our day-to-day responsibilities and tasks.

Having the power of simplified classroom management has improved the day-to-day experiences of APS’ educators, giving them the extra visibility and control going online took from them.

Two illustrations of Atlanta Public Schools statistics showing 78% of teachers use Securly Classroom, 74% of which use it daily

“Securly Classroom is an amazing tool and we’re all quite thankful for it.”

Embrace the evolution of classroom management with Securly

In the modern classroom, there’s no escaping the use of technology. But you can escape the associated challenges and difficulties of managing students’ learning and engaging with Securly Classroom.

To learn more about how Securly Classroom impacted Atlanta Public Schools, read the full case study.

To dig deeper into the Securly Classroom solution and its capabilities, check out our website.

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