Chromebook Filtering. FREE. For Everyone.

securly-available-worldwide-illustration-v4.jpgIn March this year,  we launched Auditor, our free tool that detects signs of bullying and self-harm on Gmail. Securly was founded with a double-bottom line mission to keep kids safe online while continuing to be a sustainable business. Humbled by the overwhelming response to Auditor, we have now opened up our Chromebook filtering service for FREE for everyone – within the US and outside.

You can sign up and install the Chrome extension here. Our Chromebook solution is easy to install (10 mins – no kidding!). It protects kids from inappropriate and malicious content, follows them home, and even keeps parents in the loop.

And just because our Chromebook service is free does not mean that we leave you to figure it out for yourself. If you need help, you can sign up to our daily UI walkthrough webinars with one of our engineers to help you understand the features and answer any questions you may have. Or you can connect with our current users and support team over the dedicated Google+ forum.

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