Securly Announces Active Directory Single Sign-On

Securly, Inc. – the world’s leading cloud-based provider of Internet Security for K-12 schools – today announced the release of Active Directory Single Sign-On (AD SSO). This offering will provide a seamless login experience for schools using a mixed environment of Active Directory and Google Apps for Education (GAfE).


When Securly started out over two years ago, its early customers were all GAfE schools with a strong presence of Chromebooks. As the company continued to scale and work with larger districts, it recognized that while most schools in the US are still deployed with GAfE, many of them face the challenges that come with having mixed environments. In particular, these schools use Windows PCs and MacBooks that require users to log into AD.

While Securly’s industry-first cloud-based authentication for GAfE allowed for a single sign-on experience for Chromebooks, users of AD authenticated devices would be prompted to log in twice – first via AD and then again with GAfE – in order for districts to be able to audit their activity. The latter issue is something the new offering will solve. Said Securly architect Due Nguyen: “Our AD SSO solution makes us the first in the industry to offer seamless cloud-based authentication for both AD and GAfE, and takes us one step closer to our goal of providing a smooth experience for all users in mixed environments”.

Unlike other solutions, Securly’s AD SSO offering does not require deployment of agents. It involves a simple server side script that will need to be deployed on a local Intranet server on the school’s network. End hosts will be directed by Securly to the local server for seamless AD authentication. No additional sign-in (on top of the initial sign-in to the Windows/MacBook host) will be required. Said Tim White from Webb City R-VII School District: “Google Apps gets heavy use in Webb City, which makes Securly authentication pretty seamless. Now with AD integration, our Mac and PC users will never see an additional login prompt. That’s a primary goal in every network piece we adopt.” The process of logging into school devices, especially for younger students, can often take a considerable amount of time. Securly’s solution will deliver a stress-free experience for students and give teachers peace of mind that classroom instruction time will be maximized.

Note: Securly’s AD SSO offering will be available to customers in August 2015. For questions, please contact sales(at)

About Securly:
Securly is the world’s leading provider of cloud based security for K-12 schools. The founding team has a combined 20+ years of experience in network security. The company is a venture backed startup in Silicon Valley and serves hundreds of schools in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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