DNS2Everything + Social Texting & Tweeting Monitor

DNS2Everything: Two years ago, when we founded Securly – there were many granular “parental control” solutions on the market but all of those worked only for a specific device.  It was clear that an ideal solution was to come through a “Net Nanny” for K-12 devices but one that could work across a heterogeneous mix of devices across the district, ubiquitously both on and off campus, and with a simple setup process that didn’t explode with the size of the district. Inspired by the simplicity of the OpenDNS setup and the granularity of players such as Palo Alto Networks, we took two pain-staking years to build the patent-pending technology that powers Securly. We started with DNS, and first provided granular GApps based Single-sign-on policing and reporting for students. Next, we achieved powerful granular control and monitoring such as proactively enforcing Google and YouTube’s safety mode, blocking personal @gmail logins while allowing district Google mail logins, and much more – all from a simple DNS based setup.

Monitoring Social-posts: Today, we also released our beta “Social-posts” monitoring addition. We have only released it to our US West-coast customers and will soon make it available to the rest of the customer base. This feature allows IT and Instructional Tech personnel to monitor what high-schoolers are posting on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. In many of our schools, admins use a relaxed take-home policy where in-school, every one gets the “lowest-common-denominator” safest policy; however, for home use the take-home 1:1 devices handed out to high-schoolers are given relaxed policies with social-networking frequently left open. Securly makes it possible for educators to monitor online status-posts and tweets of students to shape their online behavior.

Securly's "Social-posts" feature allows educators to shape behavior on social-networks

Securly’s “Social-posts” feature allows educators to shape behavior on social-networks


Like like the other granular features of our visual audit trails, this functionality is also not restricted only to Chromebooks or any other specific device, but is available to all devices deployed with Securly.

Please contact support@securly.com for additional details.

Reference Competitive Matrices

Securly vs Other Chrome Extensions:


Securly vs Hardware Appliances:


Securly vs OpenDNS:


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