Securly Classroom’s updated UI makes classroom management easier than ever for teachers

Securly Classroom provides teachers with powerful classroom management tools to help them confidently utilize technology to deliver learning experiences. Now, one of the biggest software updates ever for this teacher favorite has been released just in time for the spring semester.

The Securly Classroom 8.0 update introduces the modern and user-friendly Nucleus user interface (UI), which has been a defining feature of Securly’s products. The fully redesigned UI makes it easier than ever for teachers and admins to use Securly Classroom, giving them intuitive controls and powerful functions. With Nucleus UI, teachers can focus on what they do best: guiding lessons, monitoring student progress, and keeping the focus on learning.

The just-released Nucleus UI for Securly Classroom provides teachers and admins with a clean and modern user interface that makes classroom management easier than ever.

Start using the new Nucleus UI for Securly Classroom

The update is available now to all schools and districts using Securly Classroom. If you’re an organizational admin, you’ll see a “Switch to Nucleus” link in the top right area of the screen when you log in. You can also delegate this ability to location admins, techs, and teachers in the Permissions menu. If you aren’t yet using the new Nucleus UI for Securly Classroom, try it out today! 

Have questions about the Securly Classroom 8.0 update? 

Read the FAQs to learn more. 

For the full list of changes, see the changelog.

Even more updates available and coming for Securly Classroom

The Nucleus UI update is one of two exciting Securly Classroom updates available now. If you haven’t heard yet, we also just announced additional functionality for Windows users, allowing teachers to see students’ desktops outside of the Chrome browser. Read the blog to learn about this update.

We also have plenty of Classroom updates planned for 2022. Check back regularly to make sure you hear about these and other updates as soon as they become available.

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