Classroom Delivers More to Windows Devices.

Securly Classroom has been a favorite of teachers everywhere because it allows them to monitor student screens and activities, guide them to appropriate resources, and communicate with them during class, whether in person or remote. And it works whether students are on Chromebooks, Macs, or PCs

Now, Securly engineers have taken Classroom one step further. 

With this latest update, teachers with Windows devices in their classroom are able to view the student’s entire desktop, not just the browser. This means teachers can view everything on a student’s screen, including any local applications. In fact, teachers can see a list of running apps and remotely close the ones that are distractions. 

Jarrett Volzer, Securly’s VP of Product, explains, “This update was based in part on feedback we received from actual teachers. That’s what makes it so important and meaningful. This update lets teachers see the entire Windows desktop, including all apps, browsers, desktop, taskbar, etc. In other words, the enhanced support in Windows gives teachers full visibility outside of the Chrome browser.”

This enhancement for Windows adds to Classroom’s already powerful teacher functions, including:

  • Pushing websites to student devices
  • Screen sharing
  • Locking students to a single site or list of sites
  • Remote closing of student tabs
  • Creating custom blocklists per class
  • Class summary reports with browsing history
  • Hand raise and 2-way chat

As the state of education continues to evolve and the needs of teachers continue to be heard, Securly is committed to providing today’s teachers with tomorrow’s technology. That’s a promise. 

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to a specialist:

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