Clever, Classlink, and OneRoster integration announced.

Hear that sound? It’s the sound of millions of teachers applauding. Why? Because Securly Classroom now works with Clever, Classlink, and OneRoster. 

Just in time for the Fall term, Securly Classroom supports class roster integration with Classlink and Clever, as well as any student information system that offers OneRoster endpoints. 

SSO, not SOS

On top of this, Securly Classroom now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) services from both Classlink and Clever, in addition to the existing support for SSO through Google. SSO makes it easy for teachers and administrators to log in. Securly adds Clever and Classlink to the existing Google SSO option, providing the greatest flexibility to meet the needs of all districts.

OneRoster bonus

Securly Classroom’s new OneRoster integration allows districts to pull rosters directly from popular Student Information Systems such as Infinite Campus, Skyward, and others that offer OneRoster endpoint capabilities.

Securly for the win

“Securly Classroom has always synchronized roster data with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas, three of the most popular learning management systems around,” says Jarrett Volzer, General Manager MDM and Classroom Technologies. “Now, with the addition of Classlink, Clever, and OneRoster-compatible SISs, Securly Classroom offers more options for schools to automatically synchronize class rosters than any other classroom management system.”

Class starts when you log in

While some competitors also offer integration options, they still require teachers to manually choose which classes to import before they can start each class. Securly makes them available instantly, so that teachers can begin classes the moment they log in. With Securly Classroom, teachers can start now, not later. 

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