Securly + 600 Districts in One Month = Safer Students!


Despite industry norm, Securly believes that basic online safety for kids should be free. Securly isn’t the oldest company in EdTech, but we are among the fastest growing. To back up that claim, let’s do the math. Number of school districts who are paying customers: over 1000; Districts using the free Chrome Extension and Auditor: 600; Cost of our extension and Auditor: $0. Those are good numbers. From a business standpoint, we’re happy. From an altruism standpoint, we’re ecstatic.

The 600 school districts (and counting) that have rolled out Securly Free have noticed a few things. First, because it categorizes dangerous websites (e.g. porn, gambling, drugs), students are thriving with a more age-appropriate Internet. Second, because Securly is cloud-based, school districts are benefitting from a minimal network footprint. Win-win? Yup-yup!

Auditor is the name of our tech that uses artificial intelligence to scan Gmail for signs of cyberbullying or even self-harm. It’s as cool as it sounds. When we hear directly about a life that was changed for the better or a life that was saved because of what we do, it means more than anything. Like, more than a good Wi-Fi signal? Definitely.

More than a free Tesla? Oh yeah.

More than ice cream? Well, now you’re just being blasphemous.

Districts signing up for Filter are thrilled with the expansion to non-Chromebook devices (tablets, Macs, PCs, etc.), Parental Integration, Delegated Admin, and Dedicated Student Safety Coordinators.

“I wanted to quickly write you and thank everyone at Securly for their hard work. I like to think this is Securly pilot semester and your services have been recommended by others I network with in education. I look forward to using this tool as a part of our student monitoring. Thank you, again, and make sure to thank the entire Securly team.”

Collin Miller

Taos Academy Charter School

“Just an update. It’s working amazingly and already alerted us to one potential self-harm/suicide situation so we can intervene. We’re quite pleased! Thanks for everything.”

David Wolford

Securly shook up the industry by offering basic safety for kids for free, forever. Schools and parents (and kids) have benefitted from this in so many ways that we’re confident in our decision to release the free Chrome Extension. Free or paid, Securly keeps kids safe and gives adults peace of mind. Free or paid, schools and parents can’t go wrong.

For more information please watch this video.

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