Offline scheduling finally comes Home

“I love my IT admin!” 

“My IT admin for president!”

These are just some of the messages IT admins will soon be receiving from grateful parents in their districts. Why? Because these admins will be the ones that enable the Offline Schedule feature on Securly Home, the app that lets parents manage school-owned devices at home. 

We’ve designed the Offline Schedule feature to assist parents in enforcing specific periods of time when the internet is off-limits, like dinner and bedtime. Once enabled by the school, the new feature will automatically appear for users of the Securly Home app and the setting up of offline schedules is quick and easy. 

“The idea really came from the parents, our actual users,” explains Mike Jolley, Securly Director of Customer Growth Management. “The offline scheduling allows parents to set ground rules around screen time that will be easier for kids to get accustomed to since it will happen like clockwork and create a daily ritual for the family.” 

Prior to this, parents using Securly Home to manage their child’s school-owned devices relied on a Pause feature to take the device offline, the pause button acting as an off and on switch for the internet. The Offline Schedule feature allows parents to configure offline times for every school device in the home. Once scheduled, the process becomes completely automated. 

Customization options include the ability to schedule on a per child basis, as well as the ability to create an unlimited number of offline schedules. 

Parents will appreciate this new feature and they will forever sing the praises of the district admin that made it all possible by turning the feature on. In fact, we fully expect that many babies born in the next year will have ‘IT Admin’ as an honorary middle name. 

To turn Offline Schedules on as a feature for parents in your district, contact

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