Nucleus – An intuitive and delightful UI

Putting schools first

Before Securly came along, the technology needs of schools were treated as an after-thought to those of higher-tiered business clients. For years, the edtech industry as a whole only ever provided schools with solutions that were enterprise hand-me-downs, products that were reskinned on shoe-string budgets at best. From day one, Securly made the decision to treat the needs of schools as its first and only priority, including user experience.  

As we continue to expand our student safety offerings, the decision was made to create a single UI that scaled across all products, both in look and feel, but also via common databases & API hookups. Thus, the idea for Nucleus was born. 

What is Nucleus?

Nucleus was engineered from the ground up to be a more scalable and structured system. The engineering team selected an AngularJS framework with RESTful APIs for the new UI, enabling them to create reusable components that can be used to build future Securly enhancements and products quicker and more efficiently.

Nucleus includes several exciting UI and UX enhancements based on user feedback, including: 

Custom Groups

Improved Allow/Block functionality

Increased accessibility standards

Simplified cloning policy

Heat map showing flagged activity

Search within Auditor

all wrapped up in an all-new design 

From the horse’s mouth

From the beginning, Nucleus was built with the end user in mind. As Nucleus evolves, we will continue to rely on our customers to provide feedback and act as the primary influencers on all future releases. Got something to say? We wanna hear from you!

Interested in learning more about Nucleus? Find out more here.

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