Securly announces logo refresh, new logomark, and accompanying mascot that better reflect our identity.

Hear that drumroll? It’s because Securly is getting a new look. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Securly’s going through a sort of metamorphosis. 

Pretty cool, right? The reason behind this change, though, wasn’t simply that we were bored and decided to part our hair differently. No, the reason was that we felt that our original look no longer represented all that Securly is about. 

Our original logo made complete sense when we began back in 2013. We started out as a cloud-based web filtering company, and our original logomark was a play on the protocol prefix “https://” that precedes website URLs. It was designed to let IT admins know that our service kept web browsing secure.

But in just a few short years, the company quickly evolved to encompass so many areas of student safety and device management that our logo simply no longer represented what we were about. 

Need for a fresh brand identity

From our web filtering roots, we expanded our product suite to include student safety, device management, and parent engagement solutions. In addition to IT admins, we were partnering with educators, school administrators and parents to jointly pioneer a safer digital world for students. We needed a new logo and a new mascot to represent our mission.

Nikita Chikate, Chief Design Officer/co-founder, and her crack team of designers (Jorel Saguinsin, Edna Constantino, Matt Sandifer, Ivan Jarvis, Beto Reyes, and Savita Singh) led the effort, kicking off the brand refresh with a new logomark.

New logomark representing safety & empathy

For over six months, the team sketched, reviewed, and collaborated before unveiling the final design: a heart within a shield. The new logomark signifies both safety and empathy, both of which are central to Securly’s identity. “It’s a marriage of protection, safety, power with care, and empathy. Every small thing is done for a purpose,” Chikate explains. “If you stare at the logomark long enough, it seems to morph into a silhouette of a person snugly wrapping his/her hands around a heart as if to protect it.”

“The new logo represents Securly as a protector as well as a caretaker,” Matt Sandifer, Securly’s Sr. Visual Designer added. “The shield stands for protection and peace of mind. Because Securly is always there to shelter and protect students. The heart represents compassion and humanity. We want anyone involved in the lives of students to have confidence that Securly will be there as a silent partner in keeping them safe.”

A new mascot to represent our pioneering partnership with K-12 leaders and parents

Once the logomark was finalized, the team selected a new mascot to represent its partnership with K-12 leaders and parents in pioneering a safer, more productive digital experience for students. The mascot shows educators, administrators, and parents triumphantly raising a flag, working together toward their joint mission of ensuring student safety and success.

Refreshed logo appealing to educators, administrators, and parents

As a final step, we dropped the “://” hypertext suffix in our current logo in order to be more inclusive of all our partners, who have grown beyond IT administrators to include educators, school leadership, and parents.

For Chikate and her team, the logo refresh was critical in order to better represent who we are as a company today. “Any design can be a logo,” says Edna Constantino, Lead Illustrator. “What’s important is what the company does and how. That’s what gives it meaning. For us, care is at the center of what we do and our logo shows that.”

Customers will soon see the new logomark, mascot, and logo at every touchpoint across Securly.

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