Securly Launches Securly Go and Auditor Plus at ISTE Conference & Expo


Securly, the leading 360° internet safety solution for educators and parents, announces and debuts their Go and Auditor Plus digital safety products at the ISTE Conference & Expo.

Securly currently protects over 10 million students across 10 thousand plus schools in the U.S. In response to demand from schools and parents, Securly is making their award-winning school solutions available to help families as well. Securly first launched “parental controls for school-issued devices” enabling parents to manage the screen-time of school-issued Chromebooks, iPads, MacBooks and Windows devices outside the school campus using the Securly Home app. Recently, with the Securly Hub, a product that connects directly to an internet router, parents have an easy way to manage and see all devices – school and personal – connected in their home environment.

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Securly Go makes it easy for parents to manage their children’s digital lives at school, home, and on-the-go.

With the launch of Go, Securly pushes the envelope with a game-changing addition to their product line. Go closes the loop to protect all personal devices in and out of the home – in the form of iPhone and Android apps that use VPN technology to filter all traffic on these devices on both WiFi and cellular data networks. Go will provide a safe browsing experience to kids when they are at coffee-shops, on the bus, or anywhere off campus and outside the home. With Securly Home, the Hub and Go, Securly offers an easy way for parents to manage and see children’s digital lives on every device a child uses whether at school, home, or on-the-go.

“With Go, Securly now becomes the first and only solution that provides filtering to school-issued and BYOD devices on the school network, to school-issued devices outside the school network, to personal devices at home, and now on-the-go,” said Vinay Mahadik, co-founder & CEO of Securly. “Schools log into their school UI to manage the devices on the school network, and school-issued devices off school, while parents use the Securly Home mobile app to manage kid’s devices at home or on-the-go.”


Set customizable internet limits for your kids with Securly Go. 

While Go closes the loop on parental controls, for schools, Securly has launched Auditor Plus, a powerful enterprise-grade subscription based counterpart to the free email-monitoring Auditor product, that extends Auditor’s email monitoring capabilities to Google Docs and Google Drive and also adds a rich set of enterprise features to the Auditor product line.

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Auditor Plus extends bullying and self-harm monitoring to Google Docs and Drive.

Securly’s free Auditor program has been used to monitor email messages for signs of bullying and self-harm with millions of messages scanned each day. With Auditor Plus, Securly brings a rich set of additional functionalities through a paid subscription. Auditor Plus will extend monitoring to Google Docs and Google Drive. With document scanning, Securly will be able to better detect instances of abuse and exploitation or a suicide note a student has typed out even before it has been shared with others. Google Drive scanning allows Securly to detect inappropriate pictures containing nudity stored on a student’s drive. Auditor Plus will also detect nude pictures being circulated via email. Finally, Auditor Plus will allow control over configuration of confidence-threshold based alerting of delegated administrators involved in student safety services in the district.

Securly School products currently include Filter, Auditor (and Auditor Plus), Tipline, 24, Classroom and Mobile-Device-management, all of which help schools manage students’ online experience to ensure time spent online is safe and productive.

Securly Go and Auditor Plus are currently being offered to select Beta schools with general availability set for early 2020. For more information, contact

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