Mother’s Day Musings from Securly Moms

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In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we asked our moms in the office to share their experiences and thoughts about being a mother, and the challenges of raising children in the tech era.

Becky Eigenman
Manager, Learning and Development
Mom to 2 girls

Kathleen Boehle
Director of 24 Services
Mom to 2 kids

Consumer Ops
Mom to 3 kids

Nicole Borbons
Customer Success Specialist
Mom to 2 kids

Terrisa Reeves
Regional Sales Manager
Mom to 4 boys

How has working at Securly changed your outlook on internet safety at home?

Becky: I see tremendous value in having good digital citizenship conversations with your children starting in elementary school, and with clear guidelines on internet use at home while they are young. Add in their school’s use of Filter, Auditor, and 24, along with parents using SecurlyHome, gives parents confidence in the reliable backup they get to protect their children when we cannot be there every minute monitoring them.

Kathleen: I’m actually relieved to find that my kids aren’t the only ones who misbehave online! When you find out your kids have done something they shouldn’t, it can be overwhelming, not just your concern for them, but also can make you feel like a bad parent for not protecting them. Knowing that other parents are going through the same things with their kids has made me feel like I’m not alone in struggling with certain issues.

Terrisa: I have been in this industry for over 14 years, and have both a liberal and “strict” approach to what my sons have access to at home. First, we communicate heavily the impacts their actions have in the real and digital world, and how it could affect their life experiences. They understand that having internet access is a privilege, and should be used responsibly.

We implemented time-based access, as well as reporting/blocking to their devices. We do not over-block, because part of the previous comment is to allow them to become good digital citizens. We also encourage NO screen time, so they can spend time being active. If our sons abuse a privilege we have an open dialogue, so that they can articulate their reasoning and impact of decisions, as well as create their own disciplinary action!

What advice would you give other mothers in the workplace?

Becky: Don’t try to do it all yourself. It takes a lot to raise a family and everyone can do their part, even at an early age. Involve kids when they are little with laundry, dishes, cooking, yard work, etc. and when it becomes their responsibility when they are older they see it less of a “chore” and more of being a part of running the “business” of family.

Kathleen: It all goes by so fast. I know people say that a lot, but it really seems like you blink and they’re off to college. Take time to spend with them and don’t waste time wishing for the next stage (like, “I can’t wait for my daughter to drive so I don’t have to take her anywhere”).

Linsly: One of the best things you can do for your kids to show them the importance of taking care of yourself with mental, physical, and professional health.

Nicole: I think balance is the toughest thing that a mother struggles with. Whether you are home full time or work full time you are constantly juggling different workloads and running out of daylight to do them in. Balance is so difficult to find but also so important to find. My girls have recently watched me transition back to work full time out of the home and although they miss me I think they are proud that I am working and always excited to see me come, which I love.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

Becky: Seeing my healthy, happy, and confident daughters enjoying their lives!

Kathleen: Seeing my kids happy. Sometimes it’s big things, like a vacation they’ve been looking forward to, but a lot of times it’s just silly stuff that makes them laugh like when they’re mad about something or refusing to do something I’ve asked and I threaten to go to their school and dance (which truly would be the worst punishment imaginable).

Linsly: My favorite thing is watching them develop into the cool humans they are. And they are funny, so I always have a laugh!

I remember when the days were stressful, and my favorite time of day is what we called “pillow talk” where we get in bed early enough to lay around and talk about the day and thinking about that was the best time to savor how they see the world.

Nicole: My favorite thing about being a mom is the unconditional love that I have for them and they have for me. We try and do one outdoor activity or game with our girls every night and it’s a pretty special time with them as it won’t always be like this as they grow up.

Terrisa: Without a doubt—raising responsible, kind, honest, emphatic and strong men. To witness this on a daily basis is…..everything.

What are you looking forward to this Mother’s Day?

Becky: Brunch, hiking, and FaceTime with my daughters!

Kathleen: Sleeping in!

Linsly: My kids are at a beautiful age now where they are so much fun to play and engage with and talk to, and they will indulge me breakfast with my favorite mocha coffee and go easy on me playing cards. They may not be as excited about the family hike as I am but they will be good sports since it’s mom’s day.

Nicole: This year we are going to the Women’s National soccer game during the day and having family time at night with my sister’s family and parents. It will be the perfect mix of family and downtime.

Terrisa: I get to spend a full day with my boys. We will be going hiking and having a family brunch. 🙂 I encourage no gifts. Time with these boys—especially high schoolers that think spending time with family is lame—is what I want the most.

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