Gain Unprecedented Visibility into K-12 Student Mental Health and Wellness

Our kids’ mental health is in a state of crisis. More children than ever are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. These student mental health challenges can manifest in poor behavior, as well as lower academic outcomes. Without support and interventions, struggling students can also be at greater risk of violence, bullying, self-harm, and suicide.

Student services teams are eager to help, but it can be challenging to know which students need help. Often, student support professionals and school counselors are supporting hundreds of students each, leaving them with little bandwidth to proactively reach out to students or know how each child is really doing.

That’s where Securly Aware comes in. Securly Aware is the next evolution of student wellness monitoring. Providing school teams with unprecedented visibility into their students’ mental health and wellness, Aware makes it possible to see how each student is doing, know which ones are trending negatively, and identify who needs intervention now. 

Building on the powerful AI reporting and alerting capabilities of Securly Auditor, Aware adds powerful new capabilities for student services and safety teams. With Aware, you can:

  • Know who’s at risk of self-harm, suicide, depression, violence, and bullying
  • Proactively support students who demonstrate concerning behaviors
  • Gain a clear picture of each student’s current wellness level
  • Intervene quickly when wellness levels drop
  • Respond to and manage alerts efficiently and effectively

Aware comes with never-before-seen features to support overstretched student services teams, including wellness level indicators. Using the evidence-based At-Risk AI, Aware assigns a color-coded wellness level to each student to indicate their current emotional wellbeing level. You can know at a glance which students are doing ok, which ones are trending downward and at risk, and which ones need help now. Armed with this insight, you’re able to quickly intervene with students before things get worse.


Deliver proactive interventions to support students’ mental health and prevent cyberbullying

Should a student’s wellness level drop, Aware can automatically present the student with a popup message in their browser. The message can provide appropriate and helpful resources, customized by the school, such as a link to schedule time with a counselor or the number for a suicide prevention hotline.

students’ mental health

Aware can also automatically deliver interventions to curb cyberbullying. Using AI analysis, Aware can detect language that contains harmful or threatening language as it’s being composed. If an email or social post is deemed inappropriate, Aware will deliver a popup message to the student, prompting them to “think twice” before sending.

students’ mental health

Manage alerts and cases more efficiently and effectively

Rounding out Aware’s powerful capabilities is its case management tool. The exact tool battle-tested and refined by the Securly 24 team of expert analysts to respond to and manage alerts is now being made available to Aware customers. You can easily track flagged alerts from inception to resolution. You also gain detailed case records, which can be invaluable for responding to legal depositions, as well as for training and PD of student services staff.

Don’t worry about your students’ wellness — know for sure with Securly Aware

With Securly Aware, you can finally know how your students are doing. With this visibility into your student’s emotional wellbeing, you can easily know which students need help the most, even if your resources are limited.

Learn more about Securly Aware.

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