Securly Acquires Rhithm to Advance and Accelerate K-12 Student Wellness Initiatives

We’re excited to announce that Rhithm has joined Securly in a transaction that will unite Rhithm’s best-in-class social, emotional, and mental wellness assessments, content, and insights with Securly’s whole-student success platform to provide K-12 schools with the first comprehensive student wellness solution. Securly’s partnership with Rhithm is a natural alignment of two companies committed to helping students thrive with safe and supportive digital experiences. 

Securly’s whole-student success platform serves K-12 schools worldwide and promotes  student safety, student wellness, and community engagement initiatives. Paired with Rhithm’s check-in assessment platform – which provides educators with innovative curriculum and life-saving visibility into students’ wellness and empowers schools to leverage their critical resources to best support their students – the combination of Securly and Rhithm’s capabilities will give educational institutions an unprecedented ability to meet their students’ needs, along with tools designed to proactively enhance student wellness.

“We are excited to provide Securly and Rhithm customers with the first comprehensive student wellness solution of its kind,” said CEO Bharath Madhusudan. “Delivering an unparalleled customer experience will always be our top priority and this partnership will not change what customers know and love about Securly and Rhithm.”

If you have questions about the acquisition or what it means for you, please see the FAQs below or reach out to your Securly or Rhithm account manager.

Current Securly or Rhithm customer? Here’s what this means for you: <FAQs> 

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