Parent partnership speaks your language with Securly Home

Parent partnership plays an essential role in a school’s mission to deliver a complete educational experience for every student, and promote school engagement in every household.

For an increasing number of districts nationwide, language too often becomes a barrier for parents when it comes to engaging with their child’s learning. Making it difficult—or even downright impossible—for parents to stay informed of their student’s progress and safety.

Securly’s product team builds solutions based on real feedback and input sourced from district administrators and student safety leaders. The latest update to Securly Home—to provide parents with the option to use their device’s default language settings within the app—is just another example of that principle in practice.

“At Securly, we’re committed to building safety solutions for every school and every student. This update to Securly Home is another important step toward fulfilling that promise,” says Sandeep Zala, Product Manager for Securly Home. “We’re thrilled to be able to deliver an even better experience for Spanish-speaking parents, and in doing so empower more parents nationwide to stay engaged in their child’s education.” 

By changing the settings to match the default language of a user’s device, parents will now enjoy a Securly Home experience more tailored to their preferences. After making the switch, the Securly Home interface, as well as email communications received through the app, will be displayed in their default language.

Spanish is just the beginning. Soon, updates to Securly Home will support additional languages as well, beginning with French in the Spring of 2021. 

We care deeply about creating a safer web for all students, and today we’ve taken another step toward achieving that goal. 

With multi-language support, Securly Home is not just great, ¡es maravilloso!

IT admins can click this link to discover more of the great features built into Securly Home. Parent? We’ve got info for you, too—check out the page we built for you.

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